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Real Estate Has Started Crashing

Tuesday, November 8, 2022   /   by Chelsea Hilderbrand

Real Estate Has Started Crashing

Here’s when to expect the market crash and how it affects home prices.

When can you expect the market to crash? First, I think it’s important to know that the market is already going down. From the peak of prices we had back in April to where we are now, we’re already down 10% to 20%. With a decrease like that, you can see that we’ve already started the downward trajectory.

Think of it as if you’re going on a roller coaster. We are at the front of the roller coaster, now we’re starting to head down, and we’re looking over the edge. The back is still not quite coming down, so we’re falling, but we can’t see the bottom yet. It’s not going to stop before it accelerates down. 

If you like roller coasters, you know the exhilaration that occurs as you’re speeding down. Unfortunately, for home sellers, this means that prices are dropping, and they’ll continue to do so. My next video will cover what you can do to prepare for the current market crash that has already begun. 

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