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John & Carol Carlson Elementary School9

Chandler, AZ | Maricopa County


August 3, 2014

The principal and the front office staff is very nice however I agree with the previous post. The teacher my child had last year only did what she "had to do" nothing else. My child needed some extra enrichment in certain subjects and after speaking with the teacher I was told basically to do it myself. Im sure not all teachers are like that but I have some hostile feelings toward the school due to this. Im going to give this school one more chance next year.

Submitted by a parent

July 18, 2014

Great school if you have an average child. If your child is above average neither principal or teachers accommodate for those students who excel academically. I guess this goes for most public schools these days though. Yes the staff and principal are friendly, but at times you need more than that for the education of your child.

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April 2, 2014

I have been a substitute at this school many times and still every time that I work here I am welcomed with smiles and warm welcomes by the staff and teachers. The principal is awesome!! The kids are very happy here!! Carlson is a great school all around!!

Submitted by a teacher

February 20, 2014

Amazing school, this school offers the wonderful traditional CTA program, but also offers alot of fun, it is not as rigid as some other CTA schools ( from our own personal experience), I think we are getting the best of the CTA program combined with the wide array of fun activities, assemblies and fun that I think children need to be well rounded and happy. The school is large and welcoming and in a stunningly beautiful neighborhood, the staff and principal are outstanding and the education is challenging yet they still will work through any issues or struggles with you happily. This school is a yet undiscovered jewel in the chandler district!

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August 4, 2013

Just got my children's AIMS results, and my daughter, who is notoriously a bad test taker, raised her math score by over 10 percentage points from the previous year, thanks to her wonderful 5th-grade teacher at Carlson!

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July 31, 2013

I cant rave enough about the school! Mrs Brown in preschool was an absolute dream! There was one kindergarten, maybe first grade teacher (i never did find out her name) that was a little too hard on the kids, rude to the kids, and seemed to be in over her head. I and a few other moms noticed her behavior and brought it to the offices attention. But over all, everyone on staff is awesome, especially Mercedes at the front desk. Wish I could rate this school at 10 stars!

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April 9, 2013

Definitely the greatest school in southeast Chandler! My son loves going to school every day. Mr. Schlueter is phenomenal and my son's teacher is wonderful. The entire staff is so friendly. We love it here at Carlson!!!!

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March 8, 2013

One of the few 1/2 traditional, 1/2 academy public elementary schools in Chandler, and we love it! A little history: In 2012, we moved, from the Midwest, to Chandler specifically because of its public school system. We have one son and he is currently in 1st grade, enrolled in the Chandler Traditional Academy at Carlson Elementary. As an aside, unlike other CTA's, children are not required to wear a uniform (because the school is 1/2 & 1/2). At first, we were indifferent about this. But now, we've come to appreciate how our little first grader expresses himself through what he wears. Overall, we appreciate every aspect of Carlson... The new, modern facility, neighborhood elementary school feel, before and after school care (Kids Express), and especially the staff, including the charismatic and outgoing principal, Mr. Leo Schlueter. And by the way, parent involvement is outstanding! I would not hesitate to recommend Carlson Elementary to anyone with elementary school age children.

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