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October 16, 2013

We are very pleased with this school. This is my son's 3 year at Cortina and he is excelling in every area. Communication with the teachers has been perfect and the leadership has been outstanding.

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September 26, 2013

I think that Cortina Elementary is one if not the best schools around. I did plenty of research for public schools and I am so impressed. The staff from the front office all the way to lunchroom staff are great. My grandaughter just loves everyone there. GO TIGERS!

July 23, 2012

Worst school my kids attended. My 3rd grade son was being bullied by another student in the class and when we spoke to his teacher about it she refused to do anything because it wasn't INSIDE the classroom. My daughter was diagnosed with ADD and they resisted doing the 504 plan until I finally called the district. The worst though was at the end of the school year my daughter was inappropriately harrassed by another student and we didn't find out about it until 2 weeks after school ended when our daughter mentioned it! We called the school and v. principle denied being told even though my daughter told her and her homeroom teacher. We even called the district to complain and they ignored all our phone calls. This school is ridiculous, all they care about is their test scores and image.

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July 12, 2012

My son attended Kindergarten here and it will be his last year. I was actually very relieved the year was over! Be prepared to not have much communication with your childs teacher because his teacher hardly ever made an effort. I feel for her though because she had 28 kids in her class! When we were told there wouldn't be more then 23! There were also times where she seemed too uptight with the kids and she is known for being "strict", it's kindergarten for goodness sake! Our son would get yellow lights on occasion (got in trouble) and her reasoning was because he was "being silly". It was very irritating because how do I dicipline a 5yr old for being silly!! Finally I had to tell her to be more specific! There is hardly any supervision during the morning hours before the bell rings and at lunch recess. Kids get away with entirely too much and it literally made me sick the type of behaviors I would see at such young ages..He will be in private school from now on where the curriculum is 10 times better, smaller class sizes and a place that has moral standards! It's really the best thing to do if you want higher standards for your kids. Could say allot more but they don't allow room

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February 17, 2012

There must be a reason this school lost nearly 20 teachers from last school year. The best decision I made was removing my children from this school. They are constantly threatening to place children in an "alternative learning center" for getting poor grades rather than working to discover the problem. There are a few great teacher here, but many appear to be teaching for the wrong reasons. My children are doing much better academically, socially and behaviorally in there new school.

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August 9, 2011

Higley, including Cortina, have outscored Gilbert and Chandler, and all other East Valley Districts this year on AIMS. Higley also had the highest Science scores in the East Valley. I'm sorry to the parents who took their children out too soon to see the benefits of hard work, patience and dedication. Higley's 3rd graders had the highest Reading and Math scores of all the East Valley, this trend will continue, Congrats Higley and Cortina! Cortina is an Excelling School, which means it is meeting the neeeds of EVERY student.

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August 7, 2011

My son attended Cortina for kindergarten and first grade. His teachers both years were wonderful. His reading and math are at an advanced level and I know that his teachers are to thank for that. I am extremely happy with Cortina and I have extremly high expectations when it comes to my sons education.

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May 26, 2011

The principal of this school has done some things that have made Cortina better, but a lot of things that have limited it's opportunity to be the best. For one he has pushed out quality staff that helped make this school what it is today. It's a shame that they are losing so many great teachers next year. After he moved all the teachers to grades he thought suited them best this year, he now will have a majority of new staff next year. The instability of this school is what holds it back. I will be moving my child to another district next year. Higley is just not up to par with other more established districts.

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March 26, 2011

I love having my kids at Cortina.COrtina has a wonderful range of teachers for my three children. I have truly enjoyed the communication and visibility from the administration. My kids are challenged academically daily. Cortina truly care about the kids.

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March 12, 2011

My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and the experience has been great. Her teacher is exceptional and we are constantly amazed by how much she has learned. She is reading at a 1st grade reading level and is excelling in other subjects as well. Mr. Monroe and Ms. Diab are always present, friendly and willing to help. Her teacher is very informative and always available via email or phone. I would highly recommend this school!

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February 11, 2011

I sent my daughter to Cortina for 3 years. After moving her to a local charter school I could not believe how far behind she was academically. The teachers were great. After reading the other reviews how the teachers seem to not like teaching would anyone like teaching for people like the so called principal Cort Munroe and Nancy Diab. The teachers were forced to teach grades they had not been teaching. These two so called principals are tyrants to their employees. I am so glad I now send my daughter to a local charter school.

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January 28, 2011

I will start by saying I have removed my children from HUSD schools, sending them to a recommended charter school in the area. My entire time at Cortina has been unsatisfactory. My children have not received the education they need to be prepared for middle school, high school, or college. They are stuggling to catch up in their new school but I know the pain now will mean they will be better in the long run. Though there are some good teachers, most don't even seem to like kids. I am an involved parent and for a teacher to tell my daughter to have her parents stop email her to get information is unprofessional! There seems to be a lot of drama, unlimited behaviroal issues, unfair and unconsist application of punishment, and a fundamental lack of leadership at every level. I even went to the district superintendent who didn't even want to hear my concerns. I made the right decsion to remove my kids from Cortina and unfortunately I know many parents who are looking for alternatives for their students, as well.

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January 13, 2011

Today y daughter was sick and lying down in the nurse's office. The only way I knew this is because when I picked her up, she told me. Then she vomited outside the school. Not one member of the staff of this horrific school bothered to call and tell me she was ill, and when I spoke to the Mr. Monroe (principal, and I use this term VERY loosely) he had the audacity yo wave his finger in my face and call me rude. This school is an absolutely HORRIBLE place for parents as well as students.

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July 21, 2010

My son was in 1st grade this past year and is extremely smart. The teacher Mrs. Lowden adjusted his homework to reflect what his needs were. She kept me updated through emails and always responded to my concerns (no matter what they were). My son thought she was fantastic. He also had a problem with a bully and the principal (Mr. Monroe) and asst principal (Ms Diab) addressed it immediately resolving the situation. They are very involved with the students and are "hands on" with everything. They even recognized my son along with other children for their great success in spelling. I was also amazed at how many parent volunteers there are at this school. Cortina is an outstanding school and this is an opinion of a mom who is very concerned about the type of education and experience that her son has.

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April 29, 2010

I have to agree with some of the most recent posts about this year's administration at Cortina. Mr. Monroe is great. We had our daughter at a charter school last year, but felt comfortable putting her back into Cortina midway through this year. The principal and assistant principal are great and her teacher is outstanding as well. I can't say enough about how terrible Principal Jamison was last year. If I could have pulled my 7th-grade son out last year, I would have in a heartbeat.

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