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April 17, 2014

The Haley atmosphere is always positive. I have three boys that attend Haley with all different needs. All my boys teachers offer support inside and out of school. It is not unlikely to come across a email or note home about how my children are doing or something silly they did or something encouraging etc. Importantly the school is always clean and the staff outside of the teachers are always so nice to deal with. Thank you Haley staff you help mentor, inspire, and create wisdom in my children.

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November 22, 2013

Having been around the school since it has been opened, I have to say - I truly think the school is doing the best that they can. Is everything perfect - no. It takes a community to teach our children. Everyone has a hand in that success. When I read comments of the overly negative - I wonder who they are writing about. Former employees usually don't have extremely positive things to say (why are they former employees?). Messages to parents are a tricky one. Do you really want to hear the message? Teachers have witnessed parents react negatively to the teacher because of the message. "There is no way my child would behave that way. Or what did you do to have my child react that way?" Almost all teachers are there to do the very best for all of the students in their classroom. I am happy that Haley is continuing to strive to do their best. Not afraid to try some new things. Is there more that can be done? Yes. Get involved with the school. At the very least, get involved with helping make the education of your child be the best that it can be.

October 2, 2013

If you're considering work at CUSD as an SLP, run the other way very fast!!!

September 27, 2013

This is our 4th year at Haley Elementary. We love everything about this school. It is wonderful to have a small town feel in a not so small town. Somehow Haley has managed to keep the class sizes small, the parental involvement high, and the overall atmosphere friendly and warm. My children are thriving within this environment. They come home bubbly and excited every day. They look forward to going to school every morning and become remorseful when going on summer break. The teachers really become connected to their classes just as if they were family. I can not say enough positive things about our wonderful experiences at Haley Elementary. I am so thankful to be a part of this school.

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September 26, 2013

My son has been going to Haley since it opened. Now, both my kids are at Haley and we are very happy. The teacheres are dedictated to their learning. The programs are exceptional. I have read some prior reviews and agree with the assessment about the principal, but because I've never had issues, I've never really dealt with her. I think that school is what you make of it. I volunteer, so I learn more about my kids. I support the classrooms, so I know they kids are getting what they need. I'm very anti-charter school, so I'm so glad I love Haley!

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July 25, 2013

My last review never got posted. Kind of a vanilla/cookie cutter school, BUT we've loved my daughter's teachers and she loves school. She has learned so much in her short time there. Only complaint I have is that my daughter comes home every day telling me how much sugar she has at school. We rarely eat sugar treats and only on certain occassions. District/school/teachers need to use healthier options or switch to a different reward.

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November 5, 2012

Speaking of the staff...I like some of the teachers. Others are not so great, are unfriendly, and generally immature.

August 14, 2012

Regarding most recent post. This is true to form of Haley. It's early in the school year and you could transfer. I waited to end of school year and wished I had transferred at the start of the year. The staff and principal tend to ignore most problems. We moved schools and it was the best decision. We are very happy to have moved to the school down the street from Haley. Haley staff likes to yell at the parents and students. As my daughter said... you just learn to ignore it.

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August 14, 2012

This is my Son's first year at Haley and I am not impressed. He was stung by a bee and we did not even get a note from the nurse or his teacher. He is not challenged by the learning material, and hates school because of the way his teacher is treating hm.

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June 27, 2012

Here's the truth about Haley. If you want your classic, basic school...here ya go. Nothing overwhelming positive to say. The whole feel of the school is lukewarm. The school spirit there is just lukewarm. I feel it is because the princiapl there feels lukewarm about her own school and it reflects all around. Like other schools, there are amazing teachers and some teachers that shouldn't be teaching. The thing I feel should stongley be out there to let families know is that the principal CAN be passive aggressive. If she agrees with you great all is well. If not...she will seem positive and you walk away feeling good about whatever your concern was...but then later learn situations were manipulated by the princiapl to work in the opposite direction you wanted. I know 3 families that have left Haley strictly on how the principal poorly handled situations. We are teatering on leaving ourselves based on how this principal has handled situations with us. But we realize there are few "perfect" schools out there. What's a passive agressive principal in the skeem of things? LOL

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June 13, 2012

We love Haley. We have had our sons in Preschool through first grade at the point and are so happy with teachers and all the staff. I wanted a place where we all felt comfortable. My sons love to be at school and enjoy learning. Haley has a warm enviroment where my husband, myself and our kids feel we are apart of the Haley family. My kids are learning and happy. That is what is important to us!!

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May 23, 2012

This was my daughter first year at Haley Elementary. She had Mrs. Larson for her kindergarden teacher. WE LOVED HER!!! She made sure not only my daughter but all her students felt loved. She paid attention to detail and helped my daughter grow in confidence. She gave the kids individual attention in whatever they needed academically. She allowed parents to be VERY involved in her class. I will forever thank Mrs. Larson for making my daughters first year of school such a fun and memorable experience. I can't wait for my son to have her as a teacher in two more years.

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April 11, 2012

We love Haley's teachers, and my daughter's kindergarten experience has been excellent! However, the principal is very cold, and unwelcoming! She even refused my son to visit the preschool during a scheduled visit that was OK'd by the preschool teacher herself! She actually escorted me to the room, disrupted the preschool class to tell me that we couldn't visit because we would disrupt the preschoolers, it was horrifying! We would have been "paying" customers next year. She said younger siblings were not welcome at the school because they disrupt learning! Needless to say, we didn't choose this for our preschool (although I have heard the preschool teacher is excellent!). If the school had a friendly, child focused administrator, I believe it would be the best of the best!

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December 15, 2011

My son started Kindergarten this year. He LOVES school and is learning so much. We are very happy with the teachers and mostly his enthusiasm for school.

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May 21, 2011

Haley is a wonderful school. The teachers are warm and caring and are always available when I have a question about academics or upcoming school events. I have two children that currently attend Haley. They are in first grade with Ms. Carlson and third grade with Ms. Rockwell. Both teachers have been amazing for my children this year. They challenge my children yet offer an exciting and appropriate hands-on classroom environment. My children are excited to go to school everyday! We love Haley!

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