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November 17, 2013

I am a 6th grade student at Fulton I LOVE it!!! I have been going there since Kindergarten, that was the year they opened, and I REALLY don't want to leave next year. We go on the best field trips ever!!! I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH ANYONE WHO HAS GIVEN FULTON A BAD REVIEW! I recommend EVERYONE to Fulton!

October 3, 2013

I've been a student for 3 years now and no matter what your child says, this is the truth, the real student's view at Fulton Elementary. First issue, dress code. I don't have a problem with people breaking it, I just have a problem when teachers scold children when they break the dress code because THEY DON'T. I've heard that a teacher scolded some of her students because their pants creeped up when they sat down. No one can control that. Second, bullying. I'm a bullying and cyberbullying victim becaus this school can't control children's behavior and when I spoke up they did nothing. Finally the largest issue, grades and their grading system. Their system is worthless. My social studies teacher only graded using only about 4 things for a whole quarter! The same teacher doesn't even help children, he only teaches verbally and that's a disadvantage cause I need to see someone do it and others need to do it yourself. Also the vanderbolt system had messed up my brain and possibly math grades. It's so confusing and no one will help us! Teachers give us pop quizzes and timed tests! I got a C from a timed test because I was rushed and that probably messed up my science grade too. Beware!

October 1, 2013

In response to the last review, of course they keep the kids inside when the temps are too high! That's common sense! I agree with the fact that too many treats are given in class. There's a Birthday everyday it seems! We were told that the treats would be banned grid year, but that never happened. I do feel my kids are getting a great education at Fulton. I don't feel a teacher's appearance has anything to do with the way they teach. That's rediculous, and judging a person unfairly.

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October 1, 2013

We left this school after 6 weeks. The classrooms are overpopulated and the kids are kept indoors for recess if the temps are too high. I was very concerned with the appearance of the teachers, many looked like they might have a second job as adult entertainers. High heels, low cut blouses and short skirts. Very unprofessional when teaching young minds. Junk foods and candy are brought into and distributed within the classrooms for rewards, and then they wonder why the students are "bouncing off the walls" I am aware that they are an A rated school, but there are more important things than teaching young minds just to pass a test.

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May 16, 2013

My kids transferred here from out of state and I couldn't be more pleased with our choice in school. They were both behind because of the lesser standards in the other state and both teachers worked with me and my children to help them catch up. The teachers are very attentive, and communication is great! The support staff at school is friendly and efficient, they even greet most students and parents by name. We really feel like this is the best place for us and our kids. Great sense of community at this school!

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February 25, 2013

We changed schools this past year, and it was the best decision we could have made; no regrets. I was so tired of "donating" things to the school, and I'm not talking about classroom school supplies: bulletin board supplies, copy paper, weekly snacks, fundraising (out of control), I was one of a hanful of parents that was there weekly donating my time, etc... Furthermore, there were behavioral issues in the overfilled classroom. The teacher could not control her students, and honestly, I don't think my child walked away gaining any type of education last year. I brought my concerns first to the teacher, and when those went without any action, I went to the principal, Ms. Jayne, who could also care less. It seems that the theme of the school is let someone deal with the problem next year. Apparently, the same children that were causing problems last year are still having the same issues this year. I hope that the new principal can make a difference for this school, because there have to be other parents that want a better education and a better learning environment for their children.

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October 31, 2012

I have been at this school for two weeks, and anyone who would insult this school obviously does not cherish the education provided by this institution. The standards for my children are even higher than I held them to, and I have adjusted mine accordingly. The funding for this school is phenomenal because the parents are involved. The community is involved, and they help the school meet these standards. If you want an 8-3 day care for your kids where they happen to learn how to add and subtract go somewhere else, if you want a lasting education by qualified teachers and an engaged community move here and you won't regret it. The parents are so involved that for a school field trip a lottery needs to be held due to the increasingly high volume of parent volunteers. Again this school is amazing and I am glad that I chose to move my kids to this district and look forward to years of learning and preparation for adulthood.

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September 25, 2012

I was really shocked when I read the previous reviews. Are you kidding me?? I have been at this school for three years now and I love it. My kids have excelled beyond my expectations. My second grader is reading at a 5th grade level. I am able to volunteer in my childrens classrooms so I see first hand the amazing teachers that are there. I do agree about the fundraising (very annoying) but our children benefit from it and if you dont want to then don't. I only do the fun run. These teachers work for peanuts and often spend their personal money on our kids. They need supplies for the classroom and why should they pay for it because the district wont. Parents who can donate do. Honestly these other parents sound paranoid. Fulton is a wonderful school and am so glad and honored to have my children attend school there.

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June 7, 2012

Beware! I am saddened by this school. Mrs. Jayne is a horrible, politic playing principal. The teachers are extremely unprofessional in appearance and actions. They talk and text on their cell phones during class time , gossip with other teachers and parents, taught well by Mrs. Susie Jayne. The teachers bully students and parents. A fine collection of misfits all flocked to one place. No wonder the public school system is failing! Look into all other options before enrolling.

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April 16, 2012

What a wonderful learning environment for my children! Not only because of the quality of their fellow students (see outstanding test scores), but more importantly because of the community that includes top notch teachers, involved parents, and great leadership from Ms. Jayne. I've never been a part of an elementary school where the goal of the school is to continuously improve (kaizen). Ms. Jayne, the teachers, and staff have really built a special learning environment. I'm amazed to see how much the school has grown over the past few years and I'm looking forward it's growth in the future.

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February 25, 2012

terrible school with terrible teachers and principal. i wish i could put no stars because this school is the worst!

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December 18, 2011

This response is to the posting from 12-17--2011. Praise GOD, someone finally feels the same way I do & other parents do. You are completely right. The kindergarten classes do need a teacher's assistant desperately. This particular is located in a extremely well to do community there is no reason that they can't afford a teacher's assistant. Oh, & the donations are ridiculous as well you are also right about that. I mean I do not mind contributing to the classroom donations but every week I have to run out after work & pick up items for classroom donations. If this school is so needy in there school donations let them raise the taxes. I am also looking a charter school as well for child for the next school year. 't

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April 27, 2011

Please be ware. This is the worst school ever. I thought many times before writing this review, but I felt obliged to do it. I am usually against writing bad reviews but not when it comes to my or your kids The teachers are so unfriendly and lack experience. The kids learn nothing from school. Also, there is lots of fishy stuff when it comes to the relation between parents, teachers, and the Principle. The Principle pretends to be on your side, but in fact she and the teachers are playing games on you be ware. Also, the teachers hired are somehow connected personally to her most of them don t have the qualifications for the job . I have never been so disappointed that our neighborhood school is one that we never want to attend. Horrible school. For the sake of your children, don t listen to the other reviews and be on the safe side. will

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October 19, 2010

I feel what makes Fulton a great school is the great parent involvment. Its very much a family like atmosphere with tons of school pride. Principal Jane is a no non-sense leader and she has all the faculty on the same page. This is my son's second year, last yr he was in there pre-school program.

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August 30, 2010

I used to go to CTA Independence..... and it was awful! I wasted three years there... the kids there are mean and obnoxious..... At Fulton I have the best teachers, best friends, and i do just as well which is pretty well at CTA as i am doing in Fulton and people say CTA is higher education... Yeah right! Fulton Rocks!

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