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February 16, 2015

Teaching is consistent and my kids enjoy it. Teachers are very responsive and communicate well. Administration is on it. Kids are down to earth and friendly. Any school has improvements to make. I would discourage over use of the smart boards. For example, I'd like teachers to actually read to the kids instead if having them watch the smart board. That is not helping them develop their listening skills.

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May 7, 2014

My 2 children have attended this school since they were in preschool. Now my oldest has moved on to junior high and my youngest is a 6th grader. I am so glad they spent their formative years there because they are very prepared for the rigorous road to junior and senior high. Spalding, Saxon Math, and subject units in science and social studies planned as grade level teams into structured lessons have given them the foundation they need to succeed in their academic careers. My 7th grader said 6th grade at Neely was harder than 7th grade is! Not only is it a rigorous, structured, and well-managed school, the teachers are caring and friendly to the students. We love Neely!

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January 13, 2014

My kid started in Neely as Kindergartner in 2013. We are very impressed by the amount of information the kids go through and daily homework is a good practice for any child. They do varieties of task and activities, the kids are loaded. Only thing I worry about is some of the class work books are left unfinished or not completed. I dont think the teacher has enough time to get through them all ensuring each student completes those class exercise or has any questions on them. In many classes kids complete only 60% of the class exercise in full . If there was a teachers aide maybe that will help with getting whole class finish their work. Overall the intention is good and there is much learning happening. I am glad my kid goes to this school.

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November 12, 2013

Neely is a great school. My children love going to school. They have never been anywhere else so they don't have anything to compare it to. Every teacher we had was open, approachable, and a good teacher. Neely is strict and consistent across the board. My children understand the expectations and rise to the challenge.

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March 25, 2013

Neely is truly an amazing school. We love the diversity of cultures of the student body. Advanced classes offered in Math, Reading, and Writing allow students to reach their learning potentials. The Spalding and Saxon curriculums give children a strong foundation for life learning. I love that the math programs continue to revisit concepts over and over as they continue to learn new ones. The students participate in "special" classes each week, including P.E., music, art, and computers. Choir, orchestra, and band are offered, free of charge. The principle and office staff know each of the children's names. We can honestly say that none of our three kids have had a teacher they haven't loved! Although test scores aren't a single measure of the success of a school, all grades tested receive at least 90 percent, year after year. Some advantages of attending Neely as compared to charter schools are buses, a cafeteria with "hot" lunches, free and reduced lunches, after school care, and other fun programs offered through the district. We love that our children do not have to wear uniforms and can still express their personalities through modest dress. We love Neely!

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October 24, 2012

We have left the school and it surely was not because of academics (my child had straight As), but because of the teacher quality in 5th grade and the unbearable prison-warden attitude of the principal. The 5th grade teacher was completely disinterested in teaching and as we now see, the students fell way behind in most subjects, especially math and science. At Neely, teacher quality is a hit and miss issue, but they have more bad apples than good ones. The principal doesn't care because she is too busy writing parking rules.

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October 5, 2012

The teachers are not approachable and when you try to go speak with the principal, well you pretty much get the same thing! The staff is not friendly nor they make it fun for the kids. Not to mention my child gets tons of homework, I believe in academics that's why we chose that school, but they over do it with homework!

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September 6, 2012

My daughter attended Neely for Kdg and 1st grade. She is now attending the regular neighborhood school here in Ahwatukee for 2nd grade as we moved over the summer. My daughter misses Neely very much. She complains that she is not being challenged in her new school in the neighborhood. I almost want to drive her the half-hour to Neely and back every day just so she will continue with the LOVE OF LEARNING emphasized at the traditional academy. Her teachers were very caring, extremely organized and quite communicative. Every day we received graded homework or some sort of communication back from the teacher. She also learned to discipline herself during the school day, take responsibility for her own tasks, develop her character through Neely's six pillars of character program and read/write exceptionally well. Dr. Chilton, the principal, may seem formal (she is from England after all), but she really cares about your children and has a lot of students to keep track of. Parents are very involved and the kids who attend the school seem very polite. If you want your child to have a wonderful, enriching learning experience, Neely is the place to be.

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June 24, 2012

Current problems with honors language need to be addressed. The last 2 years the honors language class has had 3 different teachers and introduced new Spring Board curricullum that parents and students are very unhappy with. Principal has not come up with a solution to the problem, so the last 2 years of language have been an absolute waste. My daughter learned very little grammar or writing. She wrote on e paper all year in her "honors" class - totally unacceptable!

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June 4, 2012

Dr Chilton is less than desirable. She has no concern for the students. Walks around like a drill sargarent. My 5th grader had MORE homework than my 8th grader. His teacher this year was not at all interested in helping him learning/achieve. More interested in giving a "no". Wouldn't try and deal with issues. Worthless in my point of view as well as my son, no respect. At this time I would not recommend. The district needs to look at the concerns of parents and address the issue, get a new principal bring back Blanchard.

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December 15, 2011

I agree that current administration isn't what it used to be. The principal doesn't seem to be involved in day-to-day matters, or have the poise, professionalism, and friendliness, that former principal Blanchard had. Blanchard was superb. Overall the school is decent, especially the teachers. They are great! But the school has not lived up to the hype you hear about. Having spent 7 years at Neely, my child has learned almost no history, has learned zero geography, other than 3rd grade has written almost no full page papers at all, and has only used a computer to take reading tests. Precious time is wasted learning how to break down words in a sentence under the Spalding program that could be better served elsewhere. Knowing how many vowels and consonants there are in a sentence isn't going to help my child in any job. Learning how to write a persuasive letter, or create a powerpoint presentation on the computer would been a better use of time.

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September 28, 2011

So glad we enrolled our child at this school (after leaving another school which was unsatisfactory in our eyes). Excitement to do homework as soon as we get home and wanting to go to school on the weekends must be good signs. The front office staff is organized, friendly and knows students by name. Love how challenging the curriculum is and that my child's teacher is so encouraging, observant and aware. Could not be happier.

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September 9, 2011

I have 2 children who attend Neely. We have been there for 5 years and could not be happier with this school. It is a rigorous curriculum. Our kids are always being challenged, but they love this school. Highly recommend.

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August 14, 2011


July 25, 2011

Our second child went to K, 1, & 2 grade here. first two years were great but grade 2 was a nightmare. He was subjected to heavy bullying & we have met with the school principal 5 times between August to December. We were extremely disappointed with the lack of discipline in the classroom & a very noisy learning environment. The grade 2 teacher was very cold & lacked teaching skills to inspire students.She was very impatient, intimidating & screaming & yelling while dealing with kids.the teacher was very hostile during our in-class observation &was demeaning the students all the time.Things got very tense & our child started to regress emotionally.. The principal is very incompetent & lacks compassion . We finally removed our child from the school in spring as the bullying from peers & his grade 2 teacher was not resolved. Our older child went to this very school when Mrs.Nance was the principal & thrived under her friendly & loving care. The class rooms are crowded now & focus is more on the ranking & less on the holistic growth of the child. very disappointing to see Mrs. Nance's hardwork tainted currently due to very ineffective & incompetent leadership.not worth the hype.

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