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Quartz Hill Elementary School9

Gilbert, AZ | Maricopa County


August 11, 2014

Absolutely Awesome! Parent of 2nd grader daughter has been at school since second grade. We considered charter and private, glad we didn't go that route as Quartz exceeds all expectations for a public school!

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May 22, 2014

Quartz Hill is outstanding! This is the second year my child has attended Quartz Hill, and I have been beyond impressed at the level of involvement that the principal, the teachers AND the parents commit to the children. It takes all three components to create a well rounded and fulfilling experience, and I am so very grateful to have found a school that cares for my child to the level delivered at Quartz Hill. My child is completing first grade, and his reading level is higher than I would have expected. He has loved the AR program, and his reading performance has improved after every term, but what's most important is that he has truly enjoyed reading - and the teacher's encouragement made a huge difference. We have high standards for our family, and I expect the school to have high standards as well, and I feel that families with similar expectations attend this school, which make it great. I love that I have to hurry and sign up when I see a volunteer request from the classroom, because the rest of the parents take action right away. Parents really care, and it helps each child be around good peers that come from parents that are present for their family. Outstanding!

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April 2, 2014

My children's school is the "Best"... I appreciate the fact the kids recite every morning The Pledge of Allegiance (very important) Also the field trips get you outside and exercising while learning about our surroundings in AZ. The teachers are all wonderful & very helpful. The staff is great!! The principle is awesome and is very involved in the field trips & students.. Thank you Quartz Hill for the best school .. I'm great full for all that you do for the students & parents...

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December 20, 2013

My school is Quartz Hill Elementary. This is the second school in the Gilbert School District that I have had my kids attend. The teachers (except the one in particular) have been amazing and have really tried with helping my children exceed. What is most upsetting is the principal. I have an issue with an Art teacher treating kids differently, allowing someone to have something and another not to, when I called to speak to the principal, he refused to. He said that he was too busy to deal with me when asked why he would return my phone call. The first Gilbert school my kids were in was an issue also because of the principal. The principals are supposed to be there if parents aren't understanding why things are going on the way they are. I would like Gilbert Public Schools to teach their principals that the parents who can't come in and volunteer all the time also are important and still want to be involved and they are doing the best that they can.

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October 4, 2013

This school is amazing! I came from another GPS that I loved, but this school goes above and beyond the call of duty. Currently, five of my children go to this school. I can address concerns with the teachers and they are always very good about getting back to me. All of my kids are excited to go each and every day. Highly recommend this school!!

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August 13, 2013

I am so excited to be starting another year at quartz hill. Our family has had such a wonderful and fulfilling last 2 year's at the school. My daughter loves this school and can't wait to go back during breaks. It makes me feel good knowing she is so happy here and to see how well she is doing in her studies. The staff is amazing and you can tell they all love their jobs. Mr. Hallock is the best principal I have ever seen!

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May 20, 2013

Math curriculum demonstrated relative incompetence for 4 years and then negligent incompetence in 5th year when they implemented common core without being prepared: no text books, no examples for parents to use to help, teachers asked to teach algebraic concepts who never took algebra themselves, etc.. Common core has potential - but not at Quartz Hill. Their implementation has been awful! Had 3rd grade teacher lie to me when I asked if kids were divided into ability groupings to customize the pace better. Throughout the year, my kid was in randomly selected small groups in which she had to do the teacher's job and teach kids who were struggling rather than giving her resources to advance herself. Excellence is not nurtured, it is ignored - or turned into free labor. Decided to move to a new school for next year. My daughter and another girl who is also leaving next year for a better school were both given D's on a final social studies assignment. Smells of retaliation. I have kept my mouth shut only asking minimal questions and not raising a stink for 5 years for fear of just this kind of treatment. Thanks, Quartz Hill, you just validated my decision to leave.

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March 28, 2013

I've been at QH for 5 years with 2 kids. I have older kids who've been at various GPS schools (k-12) & I simply love this school. The teachers, staff, & administration create a very intimate, fun, charming school setting where learning is fun & exciting for kids. I love the small community feel where everyone knows everyone & the "it takes a village" undertow makes the kids feel valued. I think QH is a wonderful & caring school that my kids love. Parent involvement also makes this school what it is, parent volunteerism is so high here there are lotteries for who can volunteer at different times. Test scores are high & are a huge point of pride for QH. Children all seem happy at all grade levels; the positivity at QH is contagious :)

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February 4, 2012

I am surprised at some of the negative comments! One of our kids is advanced and we ended up at QH after trying/looking at few charter schools and a private school. WE LOVE IT! The principal is very involved, knows all the kids, met with me privately before our child started had her tested the first week and placed her in a higher grade more appropriate to her needs. The principal is outside at parent drop-off nearly every morning, greeting the kids. He is approachable and always made time to meet with me. We've been here 3 years now have 2 kids enrolled. The teachers are awesome, there's been basically NO teacher turn-over (unlike the private school we attended previously!) The teachers are dedicated, the school community is fun - lots of activities such as musicals, bingo nights, family nights, etc. I feel very welcomed here and I am not part of a "clique." We're NOT members of the popular religions here and we don't have "connections" - we're from out of state. I do volunteer my time, I get to know the staff and try to be involved and at the school at least weekly. My kids are challenged and enjoy school. We love Quartz Hill.

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September 3, 2011

Any parent who believes this is a good school has never had anything to compare with. This school and the district in general is not teaching to the level our children are capable of. Also the principal and F/O staff at QH is inexplicably rude, condescending and lacking in self awareness. They are doing the kids and this country a terrible disservice by wasting their time. The general spirit is negative, mean and disheartening. They do not demonstrate the character they expect to see in their students, not by a long shot. The curriculum is a joke and not a very funny one. The focus is solely on AIMS preparation and nothing else. We moved here from Scottsdale and the difference in quality are light years apart and now my kids are enrolled on a charter school after trying 4 district schools. My 1st grader is working on division, predicates and the 6 traits of writing. My 6th grader is reading Hemingway and studying economics with great emphasis on financial responsibility. They are receiving real-world preparation, these are the kids who will save the planet. If mediocrity and complacency is your thing then QH is for you. If you demand a better life for your kids keep looking.

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September 2, 2011

Just started 2 children at this school this year and we are very impressed. We came from the top-rated charter school in GIlbert and so far I am amazed at how both the GPS communication and the PTSO communication at Quartz HIll blows that school out of the water. I can actually see how my children are progressing and what they are struggling with instantly online everyday! Getting real/timely feedback from their charter school was nonexistent. It has really helped to be able to sit down with my children show them their realtime grades and talk to them about what they need to work on. Their teacher is so approachable and with every issue I have brought up so far she has helped to resolve them quickly and easily. I continue to be amazed at how much better the overall communication is here and I am shocked at how poor the charter school was actually doing...at the time I didn't know any better.

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May 25, 2011

If there was a different principle I would rate this school much higher. The principle is an elitist and very judgmental of both parents and those sweet, little children who attend the school. He caters only to those families who have connections or who donate lots of money. I have seen him yell at parents and put little children in tears for making sincerely innocent mistakes at parent pickup or elsewhere. Getting into this school does not mean you will stay. If you don't fit the clique or donate enough money, he will find a reason to not let you back in. He worries more about defending his standing as an excelling school and his image than about the tender feelings of the little children he is supposed to be helping to mold. If your child is not perfect or needs any kind of extra help you are seen as a detriment and he will find any reason to get rid of you. There are some really outstanding teachers, but there are too many other really magnificent Gilbert schools with wonderful principles to hurt your children by sending them to deal with this principle's antics.

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April 8, 2011

Not good communication from the school. After we submitted all the paperwork to get our child enrolled in school, I called to confirm the start date and was told that our child would have to wait till the following year to start. I was very confused as when I visited the school,we were told that there was no problem getting my child enrolled. My husband called the school back and they had no idea who would have shared that info. WEIRD and a little disconcerting. So we started our child in school and a few weeks ago had a parent/teacher conference and my child's teacher wants us to have our child repeat Kindergarten again. This is extremely unnecessary as our child is very bright and smart and learns quickly, but because our child started late in the year and the class size is so large she cannot dedicate time to helping our child catch up. Seems like this is the schools problem and our child should not be "punished" by repeating a grade. We are moving schools to a charter school, with more dedicated to education and smaller class sizes.

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April 6, 2011

I totally disagree with the last review. The women in the office are always helpful and considerate. They seem to be very happy and friendly with everyone who comes in.

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January 18, 2011

I would TOTALLY rate this school a 5 star IF the ladies at the front office were more helpful/friendly. This is my son's first year at Quartz Hill and so far his teachers and the principal have been great. I've been to the front office several times and the two ladies I've dealt with have been nothing but rude. The first time I figured they were probably having a bad day but this is about the 4th time and their condescending attitude was the same - other than that, this is a wonderful school, it challenges the students which is what we like.

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